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Our recreational classes teach the basics of cheerleading. Children will learn how to tumble, jump, stunt and dance with pom poms. This is a great place to start for beginners or those who do not want the commitment of a competition team.

Classes are £20 p/m.

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Tumbling classes are aimed at improving athletes’ gymnastic floor skills. Classes include: conditioning, skill practice, drills for new skills & flexibility. We have specialist equipment including an airtrack to help our gymnasts learn. 

Level 0 - From forward rolls through to roundoffs

Level 1 - Focus on walkovers

Level 2 – Focus on handsprings

Level 3+ - Focus on airborne skills

Classes are £20 p/m.

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Competitive cheerleading combines lifts, tumbling, jumps and dance in fast-paced routines! Athletes are split into teams based on age & ability.

We have teams available from beginner, through to elite level, with two different competitive pathways to suit all budgets.

Cheerleading is a unique team sport and as such we have a strict attendance policy - athletes on the competition team must commit to weekly training and tumbling classes. They will attend 3-6 competitions per year.

Monthly fees start at £40 & include a tumbling class.

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We offer a number of additional skills classes to help improve our athletes technique, strength & flexibility!

Flyer class - a half hour class, focusing on body control for those who are lifted in the air (£10 p/m)

Jump class - a half hour class, focusing on strength & conditioning for elite jumps (£10 p/m)

Stunt class - a 45 minute class designed to introduce cheerleaders to the next level of stunting without the pressure & commitment of a competitive team (£15 p/m)

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